Question & Answer With Darlene Kemp

Q: My adult daughter is disabled.  I want her to live as independently as possible.  I also want to financially help her.  What can I do, so I do not disrupt the government benefits she is receiving?

A: July, the month of our country’s independence, is a great time to consider your options for assisting your daughter.  You can gift money to your daughter through the use of a special needs trust.  She will not lose her benefits and the money deposited into the trust can be used for items or services the benefits do not cover.  By using a professional trustee, you will be ensured that the law will be followed, and your daughter will live a good quality of life.  

For more information on Special Needs Trusts, please contact Vista Points, Inc. at [email protected] or call 888-422-4076.Darlene A. Kemp, MPH, MBA-HCM – Executive Director, Vista Points, Inc. 

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