Are you a stepmom, bonus mom or blended family mom? Are you dating a man who has children from a previous relationship? If so, there are many days you might feel a bit overwhelmed or frustrated in your role because it is ever-changing, always adjusting and a continual learning process. 

 The good news is that you don’t have to go through the journey alone. There are books and resources as well as conferences and opportunities to connect with experts and other stepmoms who are further down the road.  Being a parent is a daunting task and being a step parent can some days seem very overwhelming. There are step parent coaches and counselors who are available locally and around the country  who can listen and help you navigate the complexities.

 There are no two step families that are exactly alike; however, there are common challenges and factors that many stepparents have experienced and, like any new role a person is asked to play whether it is a job or a relationship, we can often learn important strategies from those with more experience.

 Children in a step family will experience life differently than children in a traditional home.  It is often helpful to gain insight from experts who work with children as well as adults who have grown up in step families. There is much to learn about the complex dynamics that everyone experiences, both the kids and the adults, and in realizing that what everyone is experiencing is normal. Normal does not always feel pleasant however normal can be manageable.

 If you’re a stepmom or thinking of becoming a stepmom, please connect with us this month at The Stepmom Connection and enjoy presentations from 15 different leaders.  You can join us virtually on October 24th and watch the live stream conference from the comfort of your own home. Registration includes 30 days to enjoy the presentations via on demand as well. 

We believe in stepmoms and the important role we play in the family. 

Don’t journey alone – come and find your stepmom tribe as we unite in common purpose with hope and strategy and vision for the future!

Find all the details at

Tammy Daughtry, MMFT 

Founder, Co-parenting International & Founder of The Stepmom Connection 

October 24th 

The Stepmom Connection Virtual Conference featuring 15 guest experts from around the country. See details at 

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