God always answers prayers. Sometimes, the answer is “yes” and sometimes the answer is “no.” Once in a while, He says “Let’s try something else.”

When Eric and Courtney Waldrop, of Albertville, AL, were trying to have a 4th child in 2018, God gave them more than they ever imagined. The couple already had three boys: Saylor, and twin boys, Bridge and Wales when their doctor prescribed medication to help them conceive. “I was on a very low dose fertility medication,” explains Courtney. “We were told there was an eight to 10% chance of having twins with this medication. When we found out I was pregnant with sextuplets they said it was a one in five million, or was it five billion, chance.”

When the Waldrops learned the news, they began to question what God was doing and even posted prayer requests on social media. God always provides a witness and that is when life took another twist. The TLC television network contacted the couple about doing a reality series. After much prayer, Sweet Home Sextuplets began filming at the couple’s home. “When we said we would do the show, we were very open about our faith,” Courtney reflects. “We wanted our faith to be seen or we wouldn’t do the show. For the most part, we’ve been pleased with what they have shown.”

Filming began before the birth of the six babies and documented everything, including Courtney’s high-risk delivery. On December 11, 2018, three boys Blu, Layke, and Tag, and three girls, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers were born and immediately became celebrities. The pregnancy was not easy, and doctors asked them to consider selective reduction fearing the pregnancy would be dangerous for the babies and for Courtney. “Things we would never have thought would be the right path to go down,” Courtney adds. “We trusted in God and we were blessed with six healthy babies that should not have been born as healthy as they were.” Once the Waldrops confirmed they were going ahead with carrying the babies, doctors were supportive.

Courtney cites Proverbs 3:5-7 as a Bible verse that helped the couple deal with their questions of faith during the pregnancy. The Scripture can serve as a reminder for anyone questioning God’s motives in times of struggle in life. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”

TLC has announced that Sweet Home Sextuplets has been renewed for another season. In the upcoming season, we will see all the main cast members return, and the challenge will now lie in bringing up all of these kids under the same roof and is bound to present some interesting scenarios.

Season 3 of Sweet Home Sextuplets is expected to begin airing sometime in late spring or early summer. Courtney adds the fi lm crews have become like family to them and their older boys and they know God has used the show and their lives for His purposes. Follow the Waldrop’s journey on Instagram and Facebook at Gods Divine Nine.

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Trusting & Keeping God First as a Busy Mom

With nine children, Courtney Waldrop knows what it means to be busy. When asked how she keeps God first in her life, she says it is a four-part plan: praying constantly, setting goals, giving herself grace and renewing her trust in Him every day.

Prayer. Waldrop admits it is very hard to make time for God when you are taking care of nine children but it’s essential. She stays connected to God throughout her day by praying. “I feel like I talk to God all day long. In everything I do, I am constantly talking to Him.” Waldrop adds that she and her husband Eric strive to have daily prayer time as a couple and with their children.

Goals & Grace. Waldrop says she sets specific goals for each day but also gives herself grace. For instance, even with the best of intentions, prayer time as a family doesn’t always happen. “I am not going to say that we succeed every night with having our prayer time. Sometimes the kids fall asleep and I am still trying to get babies to bed.” Even though nights without family prayer can be disappointing, Waldrop says she has learned to extend herself grace for a new day.

Trust. “God has given us so much peace and reminds us that He had this planned before we ever knew it was in His plan for us,” says Waldrop about being blessed with such a large family. Whenever she is overwhelmed, she recalls a day, while she was pregnant with the sextuplets, that she heard the Lord tell her, “I’ve got this.”  She shares, “He didn’t just mean through the pregnancy. He meant for the rest of our lives.”

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