RODENT BUFFETS?  Ever found one in your grill? Is your grill a potential winter home to rodents eating left over droppings and grease?  

Jack Rabbit Clean Choices (JRCC) is a local service that cleans items for those who may not have time, expertise, or desire to clean.  Specialty cleaning includes BBQ Grills, Dryer Vents, bathroom vent fan/motors, Mattresses and more – visit & for detail.  Marc, the owner emphasizes that JRCC exists to help extend the life and usefulness of GRILLS, DRYERS, MATTRESSES, FAN MOTORS, ETC.

Hello Friend and Neighbors!  As temperatures drop watch out for those hairy pesky rodents/rats/mice/etc. who are always looking for a better home or at the least a BBQ grill visit to find something on which they can munch.  Keep rodent’s temptations under control by cleaning the grill and removing all burnt food and grease.  Additionally, it is fun to grill in the winter without worry about whether the grill is clean enough for guest/family/food, safe, working properly and void of rodents and bugs.  Also, encouraging rodents to eat and live close to your home may be an invitation to them and their family of relatives to find entry to your home and your family.   

We professionally clean BBQ grills and other stuff folks may not have time or equipment to clean like dryer vents.  We utilize custom processes, keep our training current, have fair pricing and create a value proposition for the customer.

We extend the life and performance of grills and dryers.  Beyond this benefit there are other results we deliver.  Here are some examples:

  1. FIRE HAZARD REDUCTION – Cleaning lint and debris out of the dryer and vent.Reports WARNthat heat from lint build up is a top cause of home FIRES (visit u-tube).  A dryer that can breathe runs cooler, lives longer, and dries clothes efficiently.
  2. CARCINOGEN BUILDUP AND RODENT BUFFETS IN THE GRILL ARE CLEANED OUT – Regularly schedule cleaning and parts if needed.Too much grease combined with old charred food particles is not good.


(1)  bundled pricing when buying more than one service 

(2)  gifting a service to a friend or family member  

(3)  Why it’s almost impossible for most folks to effectively clean a gril or dryer vent (training, process, equipment, experience, and more).


Marc is owner operator of which includes, JRCC Dryer Vent Cleaning, Hygienitech Green Mattress Cleaning/Sanitization for middle TN., and other special Yard/Home Services.  Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and brings a wealth of customer care experience form his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is constantly energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, and their Church and Life Group Family.  


visit .

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