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In the hearts of parents resides the desire to raise their children to be successful, whatever that may look like for them. Success could be defined by wealth, health, safety, job security, family, education, or job satisfaction. Maybe success incorporates a balance of all of these. Ultimately, parents want their children to find happiness in their lives. Success and happiness may be synonymous in this instance.

As a parent myself, I looked for ways to help my daughters find careers that would bring them happiness and achieve success. When my girls were in school there weren’t many resources available that would assist them in finding a satisfying career. Now, many schools are equipped with career coaches, and a few companies allow students to “shadow” an employee before committing to that career path. Lee Company is honored to be among those companies invested in offering career exploration opportunities in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades. We have our own career coaches, with experience in these trades, educating students on the success they can achieve if they pursue a career with us. Partnering your child with one of our career coaches will provide invaluable insight to what it would be like working in a skilled trade at Lee Company.

After deciding on and pursuing a career path, the next concern of a parent is where their child will work. I wanted to ensure both of my daughters selected companies that invests in their future, trains them to become masters or experts in their field, and offers them financial stability. Their safety is of utmost importance anywhere they work. Lee Company provides all of this and more for their employees.  Internal training at Lee Company University, an accredited program through NCCER, which is fully paid for by Lee Company, as well as leadership and skills training are investments the company makes in employees who are interested in growing their career. With a dedicated safety team ensuring everyone gets home safely, and with 80 years in the business, proving stability, Lee Company is an obvious employer of choice for parents looking out for the best interests of their children. 

Schedule a time for our career coach to talk to your son or daughter about a career in the trades and let them coordinate a job shadow opportunity with one of our technicians. As a parent myself, I advocate for Lee Company’s career coaches working with high school students or recent graduates to help them explore the skilled trades as a potential career path. And as a Lee Company employee and a parent of two young adults, I truly believe that Lee Company serves the best interest of young adults who are starting their careers with us.

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Kim Hitchcock, Director of Workforce and Pipeline Development

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