The temperature is lowering, the leaves are turning orange, and everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving holiday. Hello, fall! With the holiday seasons approaching, that means traveling, and traveling means hotel stays. You want to make sure you keep your guest cozy, welcome, and safe during their stay—human guests that is. You definitely don’t want uninvited pests as guest.

Top 3 Fall Pests in Hotels

Bed bugs – Bed bugs are the biggest hitchhikers in the pest world. With traveling hiking up, it’s no question that bedbugs will show up. Bed bugs feed on blood and are attracted to any place where they can find a meal quickly and easily. Additionally, hotels experience a high turnover, so guests are constantly coming in and out of rooms.

Bed bugs can cause a stain on your hotel’s reputation. Once one room gets them, it can spread to many rooms. It’s often better to train your staff on preventative measures. This can include incorporating bed bug inspections into daily responsibilities, create a protocol for responding to bed bug activity, and report bed bug activity.

For more information on identifying and getting rid of bed bugs, check out this blog!

Cockroaches – Colder weather can cause certain cockroach species to crawl into your hotel looking for food and warmth, while others can travel through luggage and shipments. Cockroaches are notoriously nocturnal, so you may not even realize they are there. If you notice one roach, that means there are often many nearby.

In addition to disgusting your guests, cockroaches can be vectors for harmful bacteria and trigger allergies in some people. These uninvited pests tend to live, breed, and feed in materials found in hotels, and can crawl through even the tinniest cracks, luggage and bags.

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Rodents – Rats and mice also look for warmer spaces the colder it gets, and they can also get in through cracks and holes the size of a dime. They are known to carry bacteria and diseases, especially in their droppings. Not to mention they are unsightly; you definitely don’t want a guest to find a rat in their room! Whether it’s a hallway, room, dining area, or lobby, a rodent sighting can be upsetting and unsettling for your guests.

How Can a Commercial Pest Control Plan Help?

Good news, a professional, trained commercial pest company trained in treating hotels can help with all your fall pest control needs. At Waynes, we have multistep protocols for bedbugs, cockroaches, and rodents. As well as treating, we can also prevent these issues for all seasons!

By the time common fall hotel pests become problems for your guests, infestations can be large and difficult to control. Don’t let pests bother your guests this fall. Contact us today or call us at 866.WAYNES1 and we would be happy to give you a free estimate.

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