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Their stories include abuse, addiction, lies and trauma. By the world’s standards, their chances of finding freedom were slim to none. Yet, they sat on the Bridges set talking about how truth dispelled the lies, and love purchased their freedom.

You’ll never amount to anything

As I talked with Shakia, I was stunned to hear she was told “you’ll never amount to anything” growing up. Listening to her story of being sexually abused as a child and by several family members made me angry. Yet here she was on the Bridges set sharing her dark moments of addiction and other tragedies – yet she was whole, at peace and free. Her freedom in Christ was a process, but she stayed the course at Blue Monarch, a non-profit that serves abused and addicted women and their children. Her time at Blue Monarch helped Shakia learn to recognize and reject the lies she was told growing up. She also had to forgive the very people that stole her innocence and attempted to diminish her value. Today Shakia is a Christian, a wonderful mom, and she has an amazing career as Officer of Development and Community Relations at Blue Monarch. Shakia is free.

When she was just a teen her parents used drugs with her

Jessie Lane was the first Bridges guest to ever share that they were introduced to drugs by their parents. For Jessie Lane drugs, abuse, and darkness became her normal. She believed the generational lie that life would never change, and for years it didn’t. Her story includes being dragged and forced into the woods by an ex-boyfriend. There the ex-boyfriend cut her with a knife and held her hostage for hours. At another point she lost custody of her daughter. This is a story that no one wants or deserves. But Jessie Lane’s story takes a turn, and there she found a brand-new life. Today Jessie Lane is free. The drugs are gone, the generation lies exposed, and she was reunited with her daughter. Her freedom wrought by Christ, Jessie Lane’s obedience, and the assistance of Blue Monarch, Monteagle TN.

Once an addict always an addict

Susan Binkley is the Founder and President of Blue Monarch, and she says it all started with a God-given dream. Susan does not have a personal addiction story, nor did she ever think about launching a non-profit where women and their children could live and recover. Yet God gave the dream and Susan obeyed. Susan now has a team of caring professionals who provide everything from parenting training to trauma therapy. As Susan and I talked on the Bridges set Susan said the phrase once an addict always an addict made her angry. I nodded in agreement because I have always believed that phrase was a horrible lie. When God gives you freedom you are free – you are a new creature in Christ. New life in Christ defies every single label. Every. Single. Time. Blue Monarch exists to show abused and addicted women and their children that freedom is possible.

Today’s Secret from the Studio: Even the strongest addiction, greatest deception, and deepest darkness cannot limit your freedom in Christ.

Monica Schmelter is the host of Bridges on Christian Television Network. She is the recipient of the Women in Film and Television, Industry Cornerstone Award. When she’s not in the studio she enjoys spending time with her family and says much of her life can be described as “me and my two Joe’s.” You can watch Bridges on demand by visiting bridgeswithmonica.com

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