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Ecclesiastes 2

ASK…what do we expect?

The writer of Ecclesiastes, recognized as the Teacher, tried to fill his life with pleasure…and was sorely disappointed. He said, “I denied myself NOTHING my eyes desired. I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight in all my work. Yet when I surveyed all my hands had done…and what I had toiled to achieve…everything was meaningless…like chasing the wind.”

CONCLUSION: Only in God does life have meaning and true pleasure. Without The Lord, nothing has permanent satisfaction and enjoyment. We must acknowledge and revere God. The Lord gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your Absolute Wisdom…and Truth. Thank You for sharing Your wisdom, life, and grace with us. Please help us to enjoy this “meaningful” Monday with fellowship and peace with You. Lord Jesus, let it be. Let it be.

Ralph E. Vaughn

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