I Timothy 2:1, 2

A. The Exhortation of Prayer– vs. 1 “I exhort…that first of all…prayers…”

B. The Expectation of Prayer – vs. 2 “…that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life…”

C. The Examination of Prayer – vs. 3 “…this is good and acceptable in the sight of God…”

This passage deals specifically with praying for our leaders. However, I want to broaden the subject to praying for our country.

The Bible is filled with examples of people that prayed for their nation.

1. Moses prayed prayers of COMPASSION – Exodus 32:10-14

2. Joshua prayed prayers of CONFUSION – Joshua 7:6-11

3. Elijah prayed a prayer of CONDEMNATION – 1 Kings 17:1

4. Elijah prayed a prayer for CONFIRMATION – I Kings 18:36-37

But the example I want to examine the one Solomon prayed in II Chronicles 6.

His prayer was specific in its relation to the nation of Israel.

               A. It was a Public Prayer – vs. 12 “he stood…in the presence of all the congregation…”

               B. It was a Prepared Prayer – vs. 13 “Solomon had made a platform…”

               C. It was a Passionate Prayer – vs. 12, 13 – “he spread forth his hands toward heaven…”

               D. It was a Prolonged Prayer – from verse 14 until verse 41.

               E. It was Prayer on Prayer – Solomon’s prayer was actually a prayer about prayer.

He mentioned the word PRAY or PRAYER or PRAYS no less than 15 times.

He used the word SUPPLICATION 6 times.

HEAR or HEARKEN is mentioned 11 times.

CONFESS is mentioned 2 times.

That’s at least 34 references to prayer in 28 verses, 2 Chronicles 6:12 – 41

               F. It was a Powerful Prayer – 7:1

This prayer was detailed.

Solomon prayed for very specific things.

I’d say from God’s response in 7:1 that Solomon did something right.

I also believe that the very things that Solomon prayed for Israel, we can pray for America.

Solomon’s Prayer in 2 Chronicles 6

Let’s examine his prayer. 

1.  A Prayer for Recognition – vs. 17-20

Solomon begged God to open His eyes and look at them.

He prayed for God to hear their prayer and to bless His house with His divine presence.

2.  A Prayer for Revenge – vs. 21-23

Solomon prayed for the God to take care of the enemy. We have to give it to God. He says Vengeance is His. 

3. A Prayer for Repentance – vs. 24, 25

Solomon prayed for his people to be forgiven when they acknowledge their sin.

4. A Prayer for Restoration – vs. 26-31

Solomon prayed for the land to be restored from pestilence and drought.

5. A Prayer for Revelation – vs. 32,33

Solomon prayed that God would reveal Himself that all the people of the earth would know God.

6. A Prayer for Reinforcement – vs. 34, 35

Solomon prayed for God to aid them in their military endeavors and in time of war.

6. A Prayer for Recovery – vs. 36-39

Solomon prayed that if the people are taken away captive that they would be returned.

8. A Prayer for Remembrance – vs. 40-42

He begged God to remember the mercies of his father David, and to let God’s people rejoice.

Dr. Ben Graham 

Senior Pastor 

Music City Baptist Church 

President- Graham Family Films 

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