I have talked with so many people who battle anxiety and fear.  Some of them lose sleep or have stomach issues while others self-medicate with prescription drugs or alcohol.  Although I am not condemning those that do so, I have found that even when you do nothing or do something, they are still not “cured” from anxiety.  This is not a 21st century problem

Jesus asked, “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” Matthew 6:27

Worry and anxiety were tools satan used against first century Christians and his tactic hasn’t changed much since then.

So, how does one handle the pressures of life?

….By being thankful…

Now, I am not saying that you can just pretend to be happy and all things will be good.  You still have things you have to address, and problems don’t go away by sticking your head in the sand.

So, when you get to the point of being overwhelmed, the first thing you should do is focus on God.  “Seek First His Kingdom AND His righteousness…” Matthew 6:33

“Do not be anxious of anything, but in prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving, submit your requests to God.” Phil 4:6

So, turn to Him with thanksgiving.  Write on one sheet of paper a list of everything you are thankful for.  The more you are anxious, the harder the first few lines will be.  After about ten, the list should flow.

When you end the page, get on your knees and thank God for each of the items individually.  Peter tells us to cast our anxieties on him through humility. 1 Peter 5:6-7

Then, if you are still overwhelmed and anxious, write out your problems, and ask God to help with each of the problems.  Invite Him in to these as He has already taken away our shame, worry and sickness on the Cross through His Son.

Then, Be diligent.  Rank them in order of importance, and start working on them one at a time doing what you can do first.  “The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, But everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5

Remember, you are a child of God, well loved, highly favored.  God wants more for you than to get to Heaven. He wants you to transform to the image of Christ and His righteousness.  The path is hard and full of obstacles, but be diligent, and don’t give up. His reward for you will be great. Peter Demos, President of Demos Brands, www.afraidtotrust.com , 615-848-1777

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