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We just returned from training in five countries in Asia for the past 2 weeks.

Pastor Don and his team, in the Philippians, are already in front of over 300,000 youth every 6 months. Their current model of ministry is traditional “Adults talking to Kids.”We trained them in our“Youth to Youth-Peer to Peer” Evangelism and Discipleship Training. They are so excited to add this to their ministry’s mission. Like us, they want every child and youth to hear about Jesus. This is what we experience everywhere we go!

First Priority Global Ministries is launching Student Led Ministries“Peer to Peer Evangelism and Discipleship” In countries around the world. It’s Amazing to see What God is doing cities and communities in every country around the world.

It’s amazing to meet with Pastors and Youth Ministry leaders who love Jesus and love the youth of their Nation. They are already committed to reach them for Jesus.

We have traveled to 35 different countries in the last 8 months. We are presently working with 80 countries and First Priority Global is committed to go to every country in the World. Over 2.5 Billion Youth around the world have never heard the True Story of Jesus. We are committed to do our part to tell Them the Good News of The Gospel.

To accomplish our goal, it will take all of us to reach all of them. Please come and join us on this mission to share Jesus with the Youth of the world.

We are not able to disclose the location in some of our photos for the safety of the leaders we are training there.

“Whoever Wins the Next Generation, Wins”

Benny and Marilou Proffitt, CEO, Founders

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