Two Christmas parties next month will serve as a celebration for another successful year at Lighthouse Christian Camp at Center Hill Lake near Smithville. Despite dealing with COVID-19 which brought the world to an-almost-standstill, over 800 disadvantaged and at-risk boys and girls were given a FREE camping experience this past summer thanks to corporate contributions and loyal support from individuals and families throughout Tennessee and beyond.

The annual Christmas parties: Girl campers from the summer session will celebrate on Saturday, December 5th with the boy campers enjoying their party on Saturday, the 12th.  Campers and volunteers are being asked to wears masks. 

In the meantime, volunteers are still needed to help with the parties. To volunteer, call the Camp at (615) 597-1264 or email: [email protected]

Anyone interested may donate unwrapped new or like new items by November 29th. Children will enjoy a special time that includes shopping with play money, caroling, refreshments, hearing the Christmas story and the Gospel. 

Lighthouse Christian Camp has been sharing God’s Light for nearly 40 years; ministering to disadvantaged and needy children in Middle Tennessee. Located on the shores of Center Hill Lake, the Camp has provided experiences for thousands of children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to discover the beauty of God’s creation. And, at NO COST to their parents or guardians, they get to ride horses, swim, and hike, go on hay rides, pontoon boat excursions and enjoy Bible study.

Some campers this past summer said.

Jayden: “My camp trip was free. I had so much fun making new friends, learning about The Gospel and doing activities. I feel like I have a new family with God…learning about Him…and having my life changed in many ways because I know if I have a problem all I have to do is turn to God and He will help me. I’m going to teach others the Gospel because my life is changed…and He will change others also.”

Jason: “I got to learn about God. He really touched my heart. My mom left me when I was four. It was hard on me. I pray to God every night. This Camp is fun. Thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity to attend.”

Justin:  “This Camp has changed my life. I have accepted God and have been saved. This is the best Camp ever. I had lots of fun at camp. Without y’all I would not have been at this camp…and I would not know God.”

Emma: “I thank everyone so much for helping me go to this wonderful camp. It has changed my life and my relationship with Jesus Christ. I have been saved. The camp songs had a meaning…telling about Jesus and they are super fun to sing. Swimming was a BLAST. I thank everyone for letting me come and get closer to God.”

Avia: “I had so much fun. I don’t wanna go home…but be here and learn more about God. The hiking was fun. It gave me a workout. It was my second time to ride horses. I really enjoyed the boat ride…also kayaking for the first time. The campfire was so nice. The smores were good. The Chapel was AMAZING. God is so amazing. I got saved. If someone doesn’t know God…you still have time.”

Payton: “I learned so much at camp. It was amazing…horse back riding, kayaking by myself and more. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. God bless you.”

In addition to the wonderful experiences afforded children, Lighthouse Christian Camp has the Sing for Joy Widow’s Home; offering widows safe, independent retirement living with opportunities to serve in ministry. Each widow in the residence occupies a private, spacious one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen, full bath and deck or patio.

Lighthouse Boys’ and Girls’ Ranch Homes provide Foster Children with temporary and permanent homes. The Ranch Homes fulfill the longing for a loving mom and dad in a safe and secure home life. Home parents love The Lord Jesus Christ and provide love, discipline and direction that children need and deserve.

Lighthouse Pastors’ Retreat Home provides a place for pastors, their wives and families to use as a wonderful getaway to recuperate from the challenges

of ministry. With its magnificent views of the camp and Center Hill Lake, the retreat also offers a game room as a great place to reconnect.

Ben and Ermeda Chapman, who founded the Camp, have an amazing story of how God moved in their lives to give up successful careers to live by faith and trust The Lord. With modest means to purchase 400 acres on the banks of Center Hill Lake, their walk with God is a story worth telling again and again. I personally know…because I have known them for 40 years and will share” their story” next month (December).

For more information about being a Prayer Partner, a Financial Supporter or Volunteer…contact Lighthouse Christian Camp: (615) 597-1264.

By: Ralph E. Vaughn

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