I am always delighted when I come across stories in the Bible that at first glance may seem insignificant but upon a deeper dive, I realize they serve as one more way for God to show us just how much He loves us.  Even though He has a universe to run, God is in the small, sometimes seemingly insignificant details of our lives. 

For instance, we see in the Old Testament, Elisha the prophet perform many big and small miracles. We catch up with him in 2 Kings after the once-united nation of Israel has been divided into two kingdoms for quite some time. Fast forward, Elijah has been taken to Heaven, Israel is in a state of flux, and as a result Elishia (Elijah’s’ protégé) comes onto the scene. 

Some of Elishia’s students decide they need to build a bigger place for them to meet so they suggest going down to the Jordan River where there are plenty of logs and begin to build a new place.  The students begin chopping down trees, but one of the student’s (we never get his name) ax head falls in the river.  He cries out to Elisha because it was a borrowed ax.  Elisha performs a miracle.  He asks the student to show him where it fell – he throws a stick in the area and the ax head rose to the top and began floating.  The prophet grabbed it and went on his merry way! 

It would seem the only people this would really affect would be the man that owned the ax and the man that had borrowed it.  No one else was really affected, and It is interesting that we never learn the name of the student, nor do we ever hear about him again. Yet, God felt it important enough to include in the Bible.

God cares and provides for those that put their trust in Him. Yes, even the smallest details. 

We see other scripture where God knows the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7) or that no sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing (Matthew 10:29). Bottom line, God cares!  If it is important to us, it is important to God!

Let these seemingly insignificant stories serve to encourage you when you feel overwhelmed or out of sorts, when everyone else has let you down, knowing God is right there during it all, even the details.

God wants to be included in the small areas of your life as well as the big things!

Rhonda Smart, [email protected]

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