With the recent World Humanitarian Day celebrated on August 19th, we can appreciate the fundamental values of differences in one another. We look to encompass what that means as we reflect on ourselves during times of uncertainty, because out of despair comes ingenuity, and out of absence comes recognition. Doing Good takes the time to not only acknowledge, but also uplift and recognize the extraordinary people in our community that continue to contribute in their own way.

James King of Williamson County, the neighborhood superhero, is playing his part by fixing bikes for the children and youth in his community, free of charge. During the pandemic, he has channeled his frustrations with it to contribute more than before the shutdown. He has expanded the neighborhood soccer games to three times a week in an effort to help the children with social anxiety or are feeling cut off and having a hard time coping with the solitude. Ushered by an intensity to give back, James recognizes parents are working to provide for their family and supports them by recognizing the need to help children comply to maintain safety while also getting them outside to simply be a kid.

“I feel like God has blessed me incredibly, and I want to do whatever I can to help anyone who is in need,” James King replied when asked, “Why do you volunteer?”

Besides his bike fixing super powers, James maintains it is extremely important to him to serve others through financial education for all as well as a multitude of services for refugees, children in foster care, and of course, soccer education. When you think he’s exhausted his super powers, he modestly reveals teaching financial literacy for Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee, leading singing in Spanish for multiple churches (translating English to Spanish and vice versa), and fighting local crime. Ok, maybe not fighting local crime with only so many hours in a day, but well… you get the point. Did we mention James works with Pinnacle Financial Partners, is also a doting father, and a foster parent as well?

Other nonprofits in which James King is actively involved in addition to Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee, is Iglesia de Cristo Crieve Hall, Iglesia de Cristo Berrys Chapel, Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc., Williamson County Soccer Association, and teaching children, youth, and others as time allows. James touches the lives of many in his community selflessly. James’ favorite quotes are, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind” and his second favorite is similar, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” James King is best described as exceptional, though any one word may be an understatement.

James King recognizes the trivial conception of assumptions, saying he understands that which he considers common knowledge for himself, may not be common to others. One example is consuming fruits and vegetables weekly, if not daily, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “I’ve come across folks who didn’t know they should be eating fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. I considered that to be common knowledge, but what I’ve learned is people know what they grew up with and common knowledge is not always common,” says James.

We’re only human, but when we do good, we become humanitarians…or, superheroes. We recognize our power is not only in numbers, but when and how we answer the call. The children will remember us, not for our shortcomings, but for our triumphs during difficult times. Not how hard we fell, but how strong we had to be to stand up. As curious children ourselves, we often wondered who the real superheroes were and captivated by their superhuman strength and magical powers, but the truth is…if we just look close enough and recognize the power of one person doing his or her part, real superheroes are all around us.

This year’s volunteers are celebrated by Doing Good, a local 501c3 nonprofit which celebrates those who do good. For more information or to nominate someone for Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month, visit DoingGood.tv.     

Doing Good is a 501c3 non-profit which provides marketing and public relations tools, resources, and opportunities to non-profit and government agencies to celebrate their volunteers. www.DoingGood.tv

Ronald Lewis, Jr.

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