You must find it amusing that some people don’t even think you are real.  No doubt that must create a pretty fun playground for you.  Those of us at Blue Monarch, however, know very well that you do, indeed, exist.  We know your face, we recognize your voice, and we are familiar with your stench and the path of destruction covered in your fingerprints.

But from the number of tearful phone calls we are receiving, and the stacks of desperate applications in the mail, it appears you have gotten sloppy.  You see, in order for your evil plans to work, you must maintain a sensitive balance with the ones you torment.  The destruction of the soul must be slow and steady, so much so that the victim barely notices the decline.  The light must diminish one drip at a time until there is complete and total darkness.  Otherwise, your cover is blown, and people wake up.  
You have a couple of weaknesses that give you problems, though, and I’m sure you know what they are.  Pride and greed.  It’s hard for you to resist bragging about the things you do, so you can’t help but leave clues where people can find them.  And nothing is ever enough, so you have a tendency to overreach.  That’s when you get sloppy.  That’s when people open their eyes and see you for what you really are.
Do you know the signs when you cross that line and get ahead of yourself?  Well, let me describe a few of them to you…
The high you made so incredibly euphoric suddenly becomes nasty and disgusting.  A glamorous life of crime turns into waking up at the base of a filthy toilet.  The friends who were the only ones that truly understood and cared, reveal they steal from anyone and everyone with no remorse. The love letters from the perfect man somehow turn into black eyes and chipped teeth. The people in authority who were stupid and ignorant begin saying words of wisdom that oddly ring true.  And here’s where you really mess up.  The children who meant nothing and were in the way, suddenly become precious little people who deserve much better from their mothers – even the ones still safe in the womb.  
You see, there are many over whom you still have enormous control and power. Their lives are miserably chaotic, which developed so gradually, nothing felt out of place.  In fact, you created entire family trees so full of despair, one more victim simply blended in completely unnoticed.  But apparently, for many others, you totally overshot and got greedy.  You made their lives so extremely painful, disgusting, and wretched, they began looking for help and thankfully found us.  

What you haven’t figured out is that rock bottom works for us.  That’s where we see the greatest desperation and commitment for change.  It’s from that ugly place that the most powerful transformation takes place.  Your insatiable desire to push deeper and deeper just gets them there quicker – so you are actually helping us.  Wow…that must hurt.   

I should probably warn you – we are fighters, and we don’t give up easily.  We never intend to give them back to you.  In fact, as the amazing women we serve begin to experience the joy and hope of total freedom from the despicable life you offer, you will become nothing more than a dim and distasteful memory.  There truly is a point of no return.  We know this because we’ve seen courageous women reach that place many, many times, and the evidence is undeniable.

So, until the next time you get sloppy, we will be waiting.  You will.  It’s just a matter of when.  And we will be ready.

Susan Binkley, Founder and President, Blue Monarch – www.bluemonarch.org

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

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