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Patriotic Additions Of The Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Declaration Of Independence, And Pledge Of Alliance Bring Together God And County As Americans Search For Hope

“I’m proud to be an American” are words that still ring, bringing instant recognition of Lee Greenwood’s signature song, “God Bless The USA”—the patriotic tribute  that’s been called “America’s Second National Anthem.”

Never in our generation has patriotism and the reality of our need to keep God central in America   been more in the forefront of struggle than in the times and culture in which we now live.  The conflict of non-Christian influence shouts loudly from every format and avenue of discourse—America is a nation besieged by struggles in politics, culture, media, entertainment, communications, and education.

We are faced with two serious realities as 2023 dawns:

  • Christianity is under attack.  God and the Bible are no longer welcome in public education in America.  Church attendance in on the wane as witnessed in all polling data.  COVID 19 has brought even more sinister implication of religious persecution intensifying in the near future.
  • Patriotism is under attack.  Civics and American history are no longer part of the typical classroom landscape.  With no instructional appreciation of God’s place in our founding, no education on the Founding Fathers and the magnificent plan they planted in America, we face the dire circumstance of losing America’s next generation of patriots, Patriotism is not passed in the bloodline,  It is taught from generation to generation.  We must insure its’ safe harbor in the fabric of America and God’s continual grace upon new generations.

During these challenging times, God and patriotism must be preserved.

Lee Greenwood, writer and singer of the beloved song that has captured the nation’s heart over five decades,, has helped oversee the launch release of the “God Bless The USA Bible,” — a limited edition that features the King James translation of the Bible with the additional inclusion of America’s “founding documents”—The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and Pledge of Allegiance.  Additionally, it includes the handwritten lyrics of “God Bless The USA” penned by Greenwood.

The GBUSA Bible release comes at a time when, according to top Christian publishers and online book sellers, Bible sales have set a record high over the past two years of COVID threats and uncertainties. As Fox News recently reported, “people seemingly are looking for answers.” A spokesperson for the release notes: “It is presented in limited edition as a “thinline” edition measuring 7”x10”x 1” with easy-read large print and bound in embossed bonded leather.  It is intended to be an heirloom that parents and grandparents can pass down.”  It can be ordered online for Christmas gift giving at www.godblesstheusabible.com

For Greenwood, his interest in patriotism and supporting America’s military has been a lifetime commitment. He noted in a recent interview: “My father joined the Navy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was a tough time for Americans.  By the time I was 14 or 15, I was playing with my band at airbases near our home in California—McClellan Air Force Base and Beale Air Force Base. That was there that my appreciation of the military and the sacrifice they make for our freedom really took root.” Amid a career of frequent opportunities to sing before Presidents and high level opportunities to show his support, most recently he has  lent his name and energies to the “Helping  A Hero” project to build and gift homes for wounded vets.  .

Of the new bible release he notes: “I’m grateful for the impact ‘God Bless the USA,’ has had over the past four decades and hopeful that this new opportunity will bring continued encouragement and hope to Americans everywhere.”

The need for God and patriotism in America has never been greater because the forces now pushing against God and patriotism have never been more intense.”

Former President Ronald Reagan perhaps said it best: 

…””Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream, It must be fought for, protected and handed to them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Jackie Monaghan, Sr. Media Advisor, (615) 390-0792—Direct – [email protected]

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