Lately, I have been doing a lot of reflection on attribution. I have been looking at seasons of my life where I was crushing it, and seasons of my life where I wasn’t to see what foundational things I did differently. I also took a look at other leaders I look up to who are successful in business AND life to see what resolves they have in their life. 

Here are 12 KEY resolves I have so far that may not yield an immediate increase, but will build the character of a successful person. 

1. Wake up time- Having a consistent bedtime/wake up time. NEVER snoozing the alarm. This first decision sets the tone of your whole day, even if it seems small.

2. Eating- Eating quality foods to fuel your body every day. Being prepared and in control of what you put in your body is key for controlling your success through the day.

3. Workouts- Constantly progressing in a disciplined routine of functional movement. Greater energy, discipline, and confidence come from having a routine of movement. Movement is one of the best things you can do for a healthy and focused brain.

4. Recovery- Having a focused recovery routine every day. Ex: Chiropractor, stretching, active recovery, icing, sauna, theragun, adequate sleep. Be intentional about how you recover your body.

5. Client-Focused- Having your full priority on serving your clients/customers in the best way possible over revenue. Serving and stewarding the clients you have will yield an increase in more clients.

6. Media- No media during the week. (Netflix etc.) Instead, have intentional connections with your family and friends, reading a book, or going to bed earlier. Media during the week can often cause us to get lazy and passive when we should be learning, growing, and connecting. 

7. Reflection/Reviews/Journaling- Spend intentional time each day journaling, reflecting, and reviewing. This gets us out of the weeds of the day and allows us to gain some perspective.

8. Integrity- Every action, no matter how small, comes from a place of honesty and integrity. Having this resolve on the inside helps you have a reputation that you can be trusted and relied on.

9. Resolve- Be a man/woman of your word. If you make promises or commitments, whether it is to OTHERS or to YOURSELF, stick to them relentlessly. Even the smallest things like when you will wake up. The worst thing you can do for your confidence is not keeping promises you make to yourself.

10. Community- Have consistent times with mentors/leaders you want to be like. Whom we behold we become like. AND have intentional consistent time with close friends. Iron sharpens iron. Having this community around you keeps you sharp and helps us to feel safe and covered. (Have mentors in every area of your life, business, family, your faith, etc…)

11. Maturity and predictability- Be the same person at ALL times. Whether you are at work, at home, with your friends, in your health, or at church… be the same person in each setting. Our integrity and lives shouldn’t look different when we are in different settings.

12. The “Secret Place” (Matt 6:6)- Having focused time first thing in the morning to spend time in God’s Word, journal, and pray. This gets you clear and aligned for your day as you put first things first.

While these may not be “tactics” or “strategies” on how to instantly lose weight, make more money, or perfectly lead your family…They are foundational works on the inside that will yield fruit in due time as you continue to sow good seed.Ashton Tate is the founder of Glory to Glory Fitness in Franklin TN. His passion is partnering with Christians to see revival in their health and increase in their life. 

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