A monthly column on diet, exercise and my weight loss journey.

Over the last month, there has been no shortage of news crossing my desk having to do with weight loss.  Here’s just a few reports I thought you would find interesting.


A couple of glasses of fat-free milk each day can double weight loss, according to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  A study of 322 overweight people revealed that those drinking two glasses of low-fat milk each day doubled their weight loss compared to those who drank around half-a-glass.


Looking to shed pounds? Fasting is one of the best ways to lose weight, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine. Fasting can lead to the same amount of weight loss as regular calorie restriction, but also increase the shedding of belly fat. There are two types of fasting that work. The first type involves restricting the time of day you eat. For example, breakfast is eaten 90 minutes later than usual and dinner 90 minutes earlier, with nothing outside this 6 to 8 hour window. The other approach involves only eating one meal on two days of the week, then eating normally the rest of the week.


If you tend to gain weight in your middle and can’t seem to lose it, stress could be the culprit. A recent study in Psychosomatic Medicine, a research journal, found that women who carry fat in their abdomen have a stronger reaction to stress and secrete higher levels of a stress hormone, which not only ups anxiety, it also causes more fat to be stored in the stomach. To keep your middle trim and slim, try to get rid of the things that stress you out.

And finally, one of the best reasons I’ve found to be diligent about my exercise.


Here’s a really good reason to work out: You gain 14 minutes of life for each minute of exercise you do, according to a report in PLOS Medicine

Now, while all these tips and tricks are interesting food for thought, you and I both know that nothing is going to change without taking action and going it alone is hard.  Do you need some extra help in your diet and exercise goals?  Let me point you to the people that helped me lose 65 pounds in 16 weeks – the staff at Cool Springs MD.  Dr Lodge and his team of personal trainers, dieticians and medical professionals are ready to help you with their stated goal for everyone to be “Happy, Healthy and Whole”

What has helped you lose weight?  Any tips you would like to share?  I welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas and look forward to sharing them in a future article.  You can email me at [email protected] or feel free to call me during my live radio show – weekdays between 3 pm – 7 pm on 94 FM The Fish. (800) 826-3637

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