We are a local service that provides professional industrial grade specialty cleaning for BBQ Grills and Dryer Vents,  visit www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com  www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville www.dryerventcleaningteam.com for detail.   Marc the owner is passionate about extending the life of BBQ GRILLS and DRYERS by keeping them clean and operationally safer.

With several hundred cleanings completed in the grill and dryer vent category we can assure we approach each opportunity with the latest training, equipment and experience.  A fun challenge for us is that no two grills or dryer/vents are the same and we all use our grills and dryers a bit differently.  Some grill many times a week and some less, some dry clothes many times a week and some less, some grills are covered and some not, and dryer vents have variation in length with elbows turned up/down/sideways creating the road for lint to travel.  This means our experience evaluating condition, use, etc. helps us apply the right process and equipment to achieve the best results. 

In contrast to dryer vent and grill differences; brand, sizes, use, need for repair, and time since last cleaning are the following consistencies:

  1. Dryer vents not cleaned are a leading cause of home fires.
  2. Dryer performance, utility bills, and life of the dryer improve when the dryer can breathe.
  3. Grills cleaned regularly reduce; carcinogens, buffets for rodents, clogged burners, grease flames, uneven performance, and more.
  4. Grills cleaned regularly last longer require less repair/parts, and provide the cooking results you want for family and guest.
  5. Out door patios, kitchens, etc. require intentional safe guards to protect your surfaces from grime and grease from a grill cleaning.
  6. Custom processes, latest training, and fair pricing creates value.


  1. Bundled pricing when buying more than one service. 
  2. Gifting a service to a friend or family member.
  3. Why it’s difficult to effectively clean a grill or dryer vent (training, process, equipment, experience, and more).



Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and brings a wealth of customer care experience form his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is constantly energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, and their Church and Life Group Family.  

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