October is a wonderful month for all types of family events throughout Middle TN.  The weather is usually great for outdoor activities and many different types of family entertainment are available to enjoy. 

Make it a priority in October before the holiday rush gets into full swing to call the family together, discuss and choose at least two events that everyone would enjoy attending, make your plans and go. 

Your family can have a great day together without going to some event, when the leaves begin to turn beautiful colors, pack a picnic lunch, load everyone up and go for a day of sightseeing and togetherness.  Middle TN has several parks that offer picnic areas, hiking, and walking trails, all great for families.

Getting away from the television and other devices for a day or so and having some quality time as a family unit should be a top of the list item before we enter the hectic holiday season.

As Believers, we should understand that our family is at the center of God’s plan for the happiness and growth of His children. As we know from the Bible, families were important to God from the very beginning.  Take some time, locate and read some of the many examples of families found there and also scriptures that teach and guide us how to have a loving, happy family with God at the center.

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