We are a local service that provides professional industrial grade specialty cleaning for BBQ Grills, Dryer Vents, and more – visit www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com & www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville or www.dryerventcleaningteam.com for detail.  Marc, the owner is passionate about extending the life of BBQ GRILLS and DRYERS by keeping them clean and operationally safer.

The BBQ Grill needs a good flame to produce the best results for your family and guest who depend on you for the best BBQ experiences in your area.  It is what you are known for, good times and good food. 

Bar-B-Clean.com/Nashville serves middle Tennessee and extends the life of many grills with professional cleaning and repair and protects the patios from grease melting into the varied unique and expensive patio surfaces.  We utilize specialized processes and training.   TheNational Fire Prevention Association reports that grills cause more than 10,000 fires a year leading to hospitalizations, fatalities and expensive repairs.   We clean away the Grease, rodents/bugs, leaves, and burnt leftover carcinogen containing food particles that builds up over time creating fire hazards and reducing the grill’s operating ability.

So, the GOOD FLAME is connected to your BBQ Grill.  Where is the BAD FLAME?  Yes, the bad flame is connected to the Dryer’s vent and all the lint and debris that can collect and heat up in that small space and then light up.  Dryer vent fires are the number one cause of home fires, be careful, have your vent inspected and cleaned at least – what?  Depends on how much you use the dryer but a good practice is at least once a year have us come out and clean it, there is almost always something in the vent that should not be there.  Dryers last a long time if they can breathe, watch for the signs that your dryer is gasping for air which means a clogged vent – longer drying times, more lint in the area than normal, humidity, etc.  Our company DRYERVENTCLEANINGTEAM.COM serves middle Tennessee with value pricing and competence.


  1. Schedule your next BBQ grill or dryer vent cleaning
  2. Professional cleaning/repair refurbishes the BBQ Grill – We remove rodent buffet carcinogens using special scrapers and power brushes, clear the flame holes, and remove grease/grime. 
  3. Extend the life of the grill and create amazing BBQ results –Metal last, our industrial grade processes help control corrosion. 
  4. Value pricing– Ask Marc why his pricing is the best value.
  5. Gifting is an opportunity – Gift a professional dryer vent and or BBQ grill cleaning to a father, mother, friend, relative, or other person for whom you have found it difficult to find that right gift.

Marc Tepner, 615-594-9052 (CALL OR TEXT FOR PRICING/SCHEDULING)Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University.  He brings a wealth of customer care experience from his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, their Church and Life Group Family. 

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