Q: My child, who lives with special needs, is asking me for a computer.  He says it will help him to be able to do his school homework.  Will his special needs trust pay for a computer?  He’d also like some new school clothes, for this fall.  If I buy the clothes for him, will the trust reimburse me?

A: The answer to both of your questions is “yes”.  You can purchase the computer and your son’s clothes, submit the itemized receipts along with your completed distribution request, for consideration of reimbursement.  If our staff has any questions, you will be contacted.  Payment is usually made within seven business days.  

For more information on Special Needs Trusts, please contact Vista Points, Inc. at [email protected] or call 888-422-4076.

Darlene A. Kemp, MPH, MBA-HCM – Executive Director, Vista Points, Inc. 

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