According to research, the effect of trauma spreads across generations and results in everything from an occasional anxiety attack to the underlying cause of life-threatening illnesses.  

I met Elizabeth Power through my spiritual son, Dr. James Thomas, pastor of a large congregation in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Elizabeth is the CEO of the Trauma Informed Academy, and a widely respected expert on powering our ability to deal with trauma. Dr. Thomas told me he had used her book, “The Sacredness of Trauma,” as a resource with a group of upper Midwestern ministers he was leading. I was fascinated.  Trauma—that’s sacred?

Intrigued, I invited Elizabeth to lunch. First, I needed to explain my location choice. Pre-pandemic, I often drifted into my favorite personal hangout, Mason’s Bar in the Loew’s Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel. Yes, it’s a bar, and I don’t drink alcohol, but it has the coziest corners in Nashville. At the time, there were a few resilient, wonderful and beloved friends on my heart. They were all living in traumatic situations, and I was searching for resources to help them. 

Now, here we are in June. There is so much fear in our world that I went back to Elizabeth’s materials as I began compiling scriptures and inspirations for a devotional book I’m writing about living fearlessly.  

Fear equals trauma. These ruthless partners threaten so many people as we approach the second half of the Year 2021.  Many of us are vaccinated, but our children are not. How do we protect them? That’s one fear. Jobs are out there, but getting to them and balancing home life, childcare, and work life are more difficult than ever. Fear of a new normal for returning to the office to work—that’s an unknown many will face.

There is a word of hope. I see you as fearless because the Word of God declares that you can be. You are more powerful than you know. There are people out there, like my friend, Elizabeth, and the people of faith in your circles. They are waiting to support you. Touch them for your good!Regina M. Prude is an author and inspirational speaker. Send e-mail comments to [email protected].  Follow her on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Write her at PO Box 58795, Nashville, TN 37205.

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