One of our basic doctrines, throughout all the centuries, is called “omnipotence.”  This word simply means that God is all-powerful.  Along with being all-knowing, and everywhere present, we attribute all power to Him. He can do anything!  This is wise and this is found in Scripture; yet at the same time it does not describe God accurately. This is because God is not just power, or knowledge, or presence; He is a person. We were called into fellowship with Him (I Cor. 1:9, I John 1:3) and when we come to know Him more and more, we find out that He has some amazing things to say about certain things that He simply cannot do.  So, what are the things that God cannot do? Read the Bible verses as you go.

1) I John 3:5   God cannot sin. You will never be able to get Him to. He has never sinned against man or any other person or creature in all of history. It’s what the words “holy” and “pure” refer to.  There never has been, is not, and never will be any sin in Him.

2) Titus 1:2  He cannot lie.  You would never be able to get Him to do this; He is always true.  More and more archeological and other studies keep proving it.  More and more of the Bible is being proved by modern geological and other scientific research.

3) Gal. 6:7  God cannot be mocked.  He will never permanently, eternally tolerate mocking against Himself or His Son or His Spirit.  He even attributes the one unpardonable sin to the blaspheming of that Spirit.  Mocking Him will bring consequences one day.

4) Deut. 33:27  God cannot die. He just simply can’t!  He is eternal. I know He is alive; I just talked to Him this morning!

5) I Sam. 15:29, Jer. 4:28, Mal. 3:6  God cannot change.  What He demanded in Genesis He demands in Revelation. His purity, power, authority, sovereignty, and even more, His perfect personality remain without change throughout the centuries into eternity.  

6) Isai. 43:25, Jer. 31:34  God cannot remember any sin of mine that the blood of Christ has washed away.  He will not—though He is also omniscient, knowing everything—remember.

7) Rom. 9:6, Deut. 4:30-31  God cannot fail.  I have failed myself and others have failed me.  God, however, cannot fail. 

8) Jn. 3:16   God cannot love you . . . more than He already does.  He does not just love the world. He “so” loved the world!  Even in 2018, His love remains unchanged. 

9) Isai. 40:28  God cannot get tired, nor can He ever slumber or sleep.  There is just no tiring Him.

10)  To conclude, God cannot be surprised.   Knowing all things, nothing takes Him by surprise.  He cannot force you to love and serve Him.  And He cannot forgive you if you do not forgive others from your heart  (Mark 11:25-26).  I love these “cannots” as much as I love the “cans”!!

Mark Simpson

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