First, God is omnipresent and omnipotent, He IS the alpha and omega, He IS the “I AM”.  But you say that God didn’t show up when you needed Him, you had storms where you felt forgotten.  I am working on a screenplay about just that, being alone, even in a crowd, where no one seems to care.  Remember the boat where Jesus was asleep while the storm was raging? The picture is this, these were seasoned seamen, and if they were afraid of a storm, it must have been dangerous to the level of the boat sinking,

yet Jesus, though there, really wasn’t because He was asleep. Jesus is God, right?  Do you think He didn’t know about the storm and how it was tossing the boat around?  He was confident in who He was, but the disciples felt forgotten, they had to wake Him not knowing all Jesus had to do was speak to the storm.  But the kicker is, did He have too?  For the disciples’ sake one can argue yes, but He knew everyone was safe, they just had to ride out the storm while He was asleep!  Trust in knowing the power of God is a great thing.  It will help you through those times when you think He is asleep, your storms forgotten because He is too busy.  He is always there, just silent at times.  Yes, call out to Him, never stop, but trust Him that He is always walking with you, no matter your circumstances.  Remember it’s His timetable, the outcome of your storm might be dissimilar than you desire, and most the time it is different.  If you look at the Bible, there were years, even hundreds of years where God was silent, yet He was not slumbering, He is always working, orchestrating, connecting dots.  Trust Him and He will direct your paths and help you on the other side of your storms. He works in many unique ways as evidenced in this story. 

A new restaurant, which I recommend in Franklin, Izzy’s, had a scare. Starting a restaurant during the pandemic is tough enough but then the wife and partner got very sick with covid.  We prayed with the owner about his wife but yet he was still afraid for his wife.  He had purchased an Active Pure Surface and Air purifier in his restaurant to keep his customers comfortable that the air and the surface of his restaurant was virtually free of bacteria and viruses.  He decided it might help his wife so he took it and put it in her room.  After two days of having the purifier in her room, she was on the mend. By breathing clean and practically bacteria and virus free air, her body was able to heal. 

God works in many ways, through all kinds of methods and interventions.  Be attentive to your surroundings and trust God, He will always walk with you! Michael Carnes attended Oral Roberts University and was called to the faith media industry while there. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Michael’s mission is to encourage and teach others in their faith personally or through mass media, pointing people to Jesus and the hope and salvation He offers all of us. 

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