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“I thought they were my friends,” she said. “I only asked them for $100 so I could get my lights turned back on. The next thing I knew, I was in a hotel, in another city… it’s so disgusting, I feel disgusting.” She was young… aged out of the foster care system and was just trying to survive. Her group of “friends” took advantage of her vulnerable state. Instead, she was thrust into the harrowing world of sex trafficking, abandoned by those she trusted.

The “friends” were arrested that night, and she was taken to the police station where the detective that was called in knew she needed more help than he could provide.  He called Rescue 1 Global to assist her.  She was released to go back to the home that still had no electricity. She sat in the dark, her phone almost dead, when the lights flickered on. She called the Rescue 1 Global advocate crying “You did it, didn’t you? Thank you so much! I have two job interviews this week… all I needed was a little help.”

The flickering lights that illuminated her dark room now symbolized not just electricity but also the hope and support she had received. As she prepared for her job interviews, a newfound determination fueled her spirit. She was no longer just a victim; she was a survivor with a story of resilience and courage… hope had emerged. Rescue 1 Global, answering the call of Jesus to assist the most vulnerable, extended a hand of compassion. It is through collective action, through everyday heroes answering the call to become Freedom Partners, that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of survivors like her.

By joining hands with Rescue 1 Global as a Freedom Partner, you extend the hope for those trapped in the darkness of exploitation. Your support not only provides immediate assistance but also paves the way for long-term solutions, empowering survivors to rebuild their lives, and pursue a future filled with hope and opportunity.

Together, let us heed the call of Jesus to extend a hand of compassion, to shine a light in the darkest corners, and to share hope for those in need. Join us in our mission to prevent, rescue, and restore lives—because every person deserves the chance to thrive. Be a part of the change today. For more information, visit

Amanda Salter, Vice President of Business, Rescue 1 Global

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