Speak To Your Mountain | Nashville Christian Family magazine - November 2023

Isaiah 49

KNOW…God hears us.

Look around. Know that the Lord sees and hears everything…though our natural eyes cannot see…or our ears do not hear His voice audibly. In the quietness of our soul…we hear the voice of God. Know that I, the Lord, am Your Savior…Your Redeemer…and the Mighty One.

It is absolutely true. We can count on it. We know what the Lord promised about us “living and breathing through Him”. And we are reminded also that He is as close as a breath…will never forget us…created us for His purpose. Let’s concentrate on those promises and be assured.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for today’s reminder. It is wonderful to wake each day and know that we know that we know…You are holding the world in the palm of Your hands…that You will never leave or forsake us. Thank You for the honor. Life is worth living because of You.

Lord Jesus, we love the spiritual ONENESS with You. THANK YOU. AMEN.

Ralph E. Vaughn

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