Meet Cherise

Cherise made a few wrong choices that ended her experiencing homelessness. While she was living on the street someone said this name, “Salvation Army”, which lead Cherise to our Gap Housing program. Cherise says “It was really a relief to have somewhere to stay. They helped me to find housing in the area, with support groups, with food…they made me feel like a family, like I had support here. They helped me to get my own place. They help with the deposit. They also let me know when I move out that they will help me for up to a year.

As a part of our LIFNAV program, our retention staff stays in touch and follows up with our residents even after they are successfully living in their own homes. “That continued support, I’m very thankful to the Salvation Army. I feel like they saved my life and my children’s life. I have kids, so they’re helping me to rebuild that part of my life. Anybody that needs help or you feel like you’re hopeless, The Salvation Army is the place that you can go and get help.”

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager – The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command, 

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