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“I hastened and did not delay in keeping Your commandments.” – Psalm 119:60 (NKJV)

Procrastination is a subtle snare. We harbor intentions—noble, yet dormant. “Someday, I’ll start exercising. Someday, I’ll organize my finances. Someday, I’ll extend forgiveness to those who’ve wronged me.” The trap is that “someday” is eternally elusive, perpetually just beyond the horizon of action.

What task has nestled into your heart, whispering for attention? Has God been prompting you, yet you find yourself saying, “After this hectic period, I’ll reconnect with my family. When fuel is affordable again, I’ll dedicate a portion of my earnings. Once my child outgrows diapers, we’ll return to church.” But intentions, no matter how virtuous, are not synonymous with action. True contentment blooms from the soil of immediate response to the divine nudgings within.

Do not let the inertia of the undone dull the brilliance of God’s best for you. Embrace the courage to act, heed His call, and stride into the abundance of His blessings.

Prayer for Today:

Lord of patience and grace, search me and guide my steps. I commit to swiftly hearkening to Your voice, to live a life that magnifies Your name. In the grace of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

 May God Bless you abundantly!

Mark W. Koch

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