“God loves with a great love the man [and woman] whose heart is bursting with a passion for the impossible.”
– General William Booth, Founder

What is The Salvation Army? It is an organization existing to effect a radical revolution in the spiritual condition of the enormous majority of the people of all lands. Its aim is to produce a change not only in the opinions, feelings, and principles of these vast populations, but to alter the whole course of their lives so that instead of spending their time in frivolity and pleasure-seeking, if not in the grossest forms of vice, they shall spend it in the service of their generation and in the worship of God. The promise in the United States is “Doing the Most Good”.

Doing Justice. Doing Righteousness. Doing Love.

We all need to be accountable for every aspect of our journey through life. We are changing and accountability helps us keep going in the right direction.

So to what extent has the Army succeeded? Its flag is now flying in 131 countries. Approximately 30 million Americans receive assistance from The Salvation Army each year through a range of social services: food for the hungry, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, and opportunities for underprivileged children. Eighty-two (82) cents of every dollar The Salvation Army spends is used to support those services in 5,000 communities nationwide.

In Nashville, there are three primary areas of service: Quality of Life Supportive Housing; LIFNAV coaching for socially displaced individuals to reduce the days of homelessness and assist neighbors to housing through behavioral economics; and Pathway of Hope ending generational poverty for families through 2 generations social mobility support. All of this is done through four campus ministries committed to building community.

Doing Justice. Doing Righteousness. Doing Love.

What are the processes of doing justices and doing righteousness in which this great Army has been made? The slightest reflection will be sufficient we are sure to convince any impartial individual that the gigantic results attained by The Salvation Army could only be reached by steady experimentations adapted to this end.

Be assured that it is through continual experimentations that The Salvation Army will #FightForGood in 2020! #FightForGood so that children have the resources needed for the opportunities for which they have qualified. #FightForGood so that Nashville remains a leader in compassion moving people quickly off the streets, from our front door to a door of their own. #FightForGood so that mothers have the resources to participate in job training to increase their income to a liveable wage. #FightForGood for the lonely to find community. #FightForGood for the hurting to live in hope. #FightForGood for Justice, Righteousness, and Love.

Please join us in the #FightForGood. Text “FightForGood” to 484848 for current opportunities to live, give, and share, justice, righteousness, and love. #FightForGood 2020.

Major Ethan Frizzell serves as the Area Commander of The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has been serving in Middle TN since 1890. A graduate of Harvard Kennedy School, his focus is the syzygy of the community culture, the systems of service, and the lived experience of our neighbors. He uses creative abrasion to rub people just the wrong way so that an offense may cause interaction and then together we can create behaviorally designed solutions to nudge progress. Simply, negotiating the future for progress that he defines as Quality of Life in Jesus!

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