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A monthly column on diet, exercise and my weight loss journey.

As I put this column together, can you hear the dogs barking?  I don’t mean my Shichon puppy, Jack, no; I’m talking about the dog days of summer.  It’s this time of year that is my most challenging when it comes to exercise … Because it’s too stinkin’ hot! 

Can I get an “Amen!”?

So if the heat is keeping you in, let’s look at few tips for weight loss without the sweat.


Sad movies are a dieters best friend. Researchers gave two groups a milk shake. One group watched a happy movie, the other group watched a sad flick. Who sucked down more of their milkshake? The happy movie watchers — nearly 100 calories more. Conclusion: Happy movies make you eat more.


Trying to lose weight? Break out the pen and paper. Researchers say keeping a food diary — a detailed account of what you eat and drink and the calories it all packs — is a powerful tool in helping people lose weight. Their study involving 1,685 middle-aged men and women over six months found those who kept such a diary just about every day lost about twice as much weight as those who did not.


Looking at pictures of food on a phone is enough to satisfy hunger and could be used as a weight loss technique, according to a report in Appetite, a research journal. People who saw the same image of a sweet food 30 times felt fuller without actually eating anything. The reason people can feel satisfied without eating anything is because thinking about something, such as eating, is like doing it.

So, how is your weight loss journey going?  Need encouragement, knowledge, and accountability?  Let me point you to the place I’ve found success – Dr Lodge and the crew at Cool Springs MD. In 2011, I met with Dr Lodge and 16 weeks later lost 65 pounds.  How much weight would you like to lose?  Connect with Dr Lodge and his team and they will show you how.

This monthly column is a two-way street.  I would love to hear from you.  What has helped you lose weight?  Any tips you would like to share?  I welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas and look forward to sharing them in a future article.  You can email me at [email protected]  or feel free to call me during my live radio show – weekdays between 3 pm – 7 pm on 94 FM The Fish. (800) 826-3637

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