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“Grand” fathers and “Step” fathers and “Biological” fathers and “God” fathers – – these are just a few of the various types of fathers that will be celebrated on Father’s Day this year. There are also uncles, brothers and mentors that have impacted kids in a very special way as well as sporting coaches, band leaders and teachers. No matter what we call the people that played the role of “father” in our lives, their time and investment in our childhood is priceless!!

I am grateful for my father, my stepfather, my grandfathers, and a very special college professor who became friends over 30 years ago and we will be friends through Eternity. Each of these men played a role in who I became as a woman. From my father I learned the truth about showing up and working hard. Though my dad lived over an hour away, he always showed up and made a significant effort to be at every piano recital, sporting event, choir performance and dance recital. He made the effort. He also worked very hard and was great at his job. He loves people and is an extrovert who has never met a stranger. From my dad I have gained many things that I carry forward in my life today.

From my stepfather I learned about laughter – he was always doing crazy things to make me laugh! He was also great at art, and I have several keepsakes he made for me as a kid. From my grandfathers I learned more than I could say, however, one grandfather always prayed before meals, and I remember that – it was important and is still important now. My other grandfather would play Santa every year in his small farm town and the whole community knew him because of it – he rode in the parade; he went to the library and to the senior citizen homes dressed as Santa and always brought people joy!

And then there is my college professor who was a teacher and a boss while I went to school in southern California – he and his wife both taught at the Christian college I attended and what stood out to me most about them is how they loved each other and how much they valued their marriage. I was amazed at the depth of how they cared about each other, and it made a life-changing impact on me. I can still remember how he would come into class and bring his wife a flower while she was teaching, and she would bring him an apple or snack he was teaching. They let us all “in” to their love story and let us see, firsthand, what love-in-action looked like. I am grateful for their continued friendship of 36 years!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken time to mentor or spend time with someone who is not your child – the love and the influence you share with them can make a life changing difference. To my dad and all the people who have been like a dad, Happy Father’s Day 365 days a year!!!!

Tammy Daughtry, MMFT – Founder, Coparenting International and The Center for Modern Family Dynamics (www.CoParentingInternational.com)

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