Nashville Christian Family magazine | Free Christian Magazine - Celebrating Single Parents Day – March 21, 2023

Many people I know and love were raised by a single parent, sometimes a mom and sometimes their father. I also know many adults who have grown up to be AMAZING adults who were raised by a single parent and sometimes also had a very challenging family situation.

Single parenting is sometimes an involuntary experience that comes because of the death of a spouse. Some single parents find their way to this season after a divorce or being abandoned by their partner. No matter how a parent gets “to” the role of being a single parent, it is important to be kind, supportive and loving to the parents and their children. When adults have a good support system and know they are loved and appreciated, they are better at being parents.

I was a single mom for a season, and I was greatly blessed by a few intentional things during that time:

  1. The pastor at my church would mention single moms on Mother’s Day and he was very kind and supportive towards those of us who were walking that unique pathway.
  2. I was often invited to spend holidays with a married friend and her family – that was especially wonderful during the holidays when my daughter was out of state with her father.
  3. I enjoyed a Bible study at church that provided childcare during the week for working single parents who did not have a partner at home to take care of the children.
  4. I had friends who included my daughter and I in everything and never made me feel awkward for being divorced.

A few of my friends who come from single parent households have grown up to become influential adults who make a big difference in the world. Here are few examples:

  1. One because an international author on marriage and family and has spoken to over 2 million men about how to be a wonderful husband and father. He also has written over 10 books on marriage.
  2. One friend is responsible for helping Christian music gain notoriety on TV and ultimately was responsible for the Dove Awards gaining national advertisers that have kept the Dove Awards on TV for over a decade.
  3. One adult I know has dedicated his life to helping market and expand nonprofits around the country and has also helped many music artists make a strong career out of their talent.
  4. One friend is solely responsible for producing over 200 national concerts and events for some of the largest Christian entertainers known to the industry.
  5. One is a female entrepreneur who now dedicates her life to helping women impacted by divorce.

As the month of March continues to unfold, please think about who you know that is a single father or a single mother and maybe this year send that person a note of affirmation and celebration in their unique role and let them know how PROUD you are of them on March 21st and on the other 364 days of this year.

Tammy Daughtry, MMFT – Founder, Coparenting International and The Center for Modern Family Dynamics

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