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Numbers: 13

FACE TODAY…with trust not fear.

Granted…these are disturbing times. We have God. He is powerful…greater than any foe that may confront us.

Our Scripture reading today features Moses sending 12 spies into the land of Canaan…the Promised Land. They walked, explored, observed and gathered results of what God had promised. Caleb and Joshua said, “Let’s go and take what God promised and has shown us.” Ten men were negative…afraid of what might be their fate…an example of not trusting THE ONE WHO made the promise.

We know what happened because of their lack of faith. We can never be a winner by complaining.  For every challenge…there is an opportunity. Follow God…not the crowd.

Prayer: Lord, You know who we are. You made us. You know our fears, frustrations and challenges. You want us to step forward each day with the confidence You will guide us…and stretch us…but help us to achieve our desires if aligned with Your purpose. You are our Purpose. We are Your purpose.

Lord Jesus, thank You for being our strength, understanding and The Architect of ALL that is good. Thank You. Amen.

Ralph E. Vaughn

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