Take Time To Read The The Bible Reference Listed And Dwell On The Goal

John: 15


The world will not love or applaud us for being a follower of Jesus. He was hated…so what should we expect?

Jesus told us that if we belonged to the world…the world would love us. As it is…we are in the world…but not of the world. We are different because He created a new attitude…a new life in us. We belong to Him. That is why the world will not understand…and will scoff…ridicule…and treat us with contempt.  The Lord reminds us that no servant is greater than The Master.  They persecuted Him. They will also persecute us…not if or maybe.

Prayer: Lord, we follow You because You are The Truth, The Light…and The Way. You make sense out of the craziness that darkens the world.  You told us that broad is the way…the easy way for people to travel during their time under the sun. Straight and narrow is The Way that leads to You…and eternity in Your presence.

Lord Jesus, You gave us free will to choose. We chose You. We don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand. You made the choices simple.  Please guide our days…because You are The Son of God, Who created ALL. We claim You…and want this ONENESS with each breath we take while on planet earth. Thank You for reminding us again today of the RIGHT WAY. Amen.

Ralph Vaughn

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