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The Salvation Army began the spring dialogue series in 2019 to bring together key community leaders and experts to promote open discussions on the most prevalent social and economic issues being experienced by our most vulnerable neighbors and the best way to solve those issues in a cohesive and collaborative manor.

The Salvation Army Nashville – Spring Dialogue Series

We will continue the journey in 2023 with a focus on three community concerns that need collaboration between public, private, and non-profit organizations to effectively address so
everyone in our community can experience the fullness of life as our city grows in size and prominence.

In March, we will look back on the impact the pandemic had on the homeless service sector, how it provided a launch pad for increased awareness, funding, and solution innovation in Nashville, and how we must continue to build upon that momentum if we want to see continued success and sustained impact.

In April, we will continue the journey as we explore what attainable and accessible housing look like for our community and the steps, we need to take so all of our Nashville neighbors benefit from the opportunities provided as our city continues to attract the attention of new businesses and the population growth that follows.

Finally in May, we will discuss the educational and social challenges that youth are facing post-pandemic. Then, we will look towards the future to determine the best tools and
support programs to help families overcome those gaps, followed by development of opportunities and experiences to trigger future aspirational plans and goals to set them on a path to a brighter more successful future.

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Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager – The Salvation Army Nashville,

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