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Meet Amber

“When I was homeless, I didn’t feel much hope…like I didn’t feel like that it would ever be possible for me to get to my own place or have a king size bed and just hopeless for the most part.” Amber is a participant in our LIFNAV program that works with people living in encampments and helps them navigate the path to housing.

“ I am very thankful to the Salvation Army because they took their time and still do all the time to help people get off the streets to. I mean, it was great to have that chance that I wouldn’t have to live on the street forever and I didn’t have to get used to that lifestyle,” Amber says.

“Today, I am engaged and I’ve been living with my significant other, and it’s been really nice, we finally got that king size bed for our room. We have barbecues at our home and go out and invite the neighbors and the kids. I didn’t know there were more doors that could be opened if wouldn’t have been for Salvation Army.”

Misty Ratcliff, Development and Communications Manager – The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command, uss.salvationarmy.org 

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