Praying the right prayers for family, hope, and encouragement can seem hard. Victorious Family would like to bless you with a list of prayers to help you and your family.

Difficult times strike when you least expect them and getting through them can require you to keep hope and faith alive. When it comes to assured comfort for households, making use of prayers for family, hope, and encouragement may just be what you need. You’ll find prayer can help get you through the hardest times.

Besides building your relationship with God, prayers for family, hope, and encouragement can help bring families together, and help members develop empathy.

7 Effective Prayers for Family Encouragement

  1. Prayer for Family Guidance

God, with each new day, we rely on you more for your guidance

Provide us with the strength and knowledge to do our best.

Protect us, shield us from harm, and keep us safe.\

Continue to bless and guide us in all aspects of our lives.

Help show us what we should do because we’re lost without you.

Guide us supernaturally and keep our family safe from anything negative.

  • Prayer for Encouragement

God, you know the troubles and struggles we face.

Guide us through these rough times and remove our stress.

With the many things we’re dealing with, it feels overwhelming.

Give us peace of mind, and the strength to get through the day.

Be with us and guide us through what we do.

Grant us your grace, and the faith to know things will go well.

Give us the power to keep going, and to support each other. 

Help show us what we need to do.

Guide with your spirit and keep your spirits up.

Give us empathy to help those around us.

Grant us wisdom and the comfort of your grace.

  • Prayer for Family Gratitude

Thank you for everything you’ve given us.

Thank you for your grace that continues to bless us.

Help us find the wisdom and peace to treat others well.

We’re grateful for the roof over our heads

We appreciate and thank you for keeping us safe.

We have food every day and a warm bed to sleep in.

We realize that there are many others who aren’t as blessed.

Thank you for our health and your spirit that guides us.

We trust in you and know that you’ll deliver us from suffering.

Help us be a testament to help others when they need us.

Thank you for our jobs, friends, and family.

We’re able to see each other each new day.

We thank you for giving us each other and keeping us healthy.

Guide us so that we can be a blessing in others’ lives.

  • Prayer for Family Protection

God, even as we embark on this new day. 

Help keep us from harm and any pestilence. 

We know it’s only through your grace that we’re here.

Help us be good parents that do right by you

Keep us safe throughout this day wherever we go.

Keep ill-wishers from harming us and protect our hearts.

There’s so much evil in this world, shield us in everything we do.

Guide us through all dark times and lead us to the light.

Keep our family safe and lead us down the right path.

Give each of us the wisdom to get through the day.

Protect from anything unknown that can harm us.

Give us the courage to do what’s right.

Protect us on our journeys, and at our places of work.

Protect our family from negativity and toxic people.

  • Family Prayer for Healing

God, we ask you to heal us from all illnesses.

We know you’re capable of healing and granting us strength.

Protect our physical and mental health from anything harmful.

Restore every cell and part of our being.

God, we know that you’re a god of miracles.

Take those of us who are struggling with sickness and heal us.

Grant us healing and relief from our ailments.

If we’ve been hurt emotionally or mentally,

Grant us the strength and heal what’s inside of us.

  • Family Prayer for Strength

God, when we are weak, we are strong.

Grant us the strength to face every situation head-on.

Lift us up. Let us be a beacon for the hopeless, 

and help us love those who feel unloved. 

Grant our family strength, so we can be there for each other.

Help us lean on each other when we are down.

There are so many unknown dangers in the world.

Grant the peace and let nothing cause us harm.

In everything we do, even in tough times helps us.

Grant us the ability to uplift others.

Grant us the emotional and mental strength to be there for those who need us.

Help us be there for those we care for, and those who care for us.

Though we know you can overcome any challenge.

We pray that you give us strength and courage in every situation we come across.

  • Family Prayer for Peace

God, with everything going on in the world now,

We pray that you give us peace of mind.

With the hectic lives we lead, we can often lose sight of what matters.

Guide us so that we stay stress-free in tough times.

Grant us the strength to face any challenge.

At this time in our family, we need peace.

Give each of us empathy to understand what each other is going through.

Help show us what needs to be done.

Give us peace in everything we do.

Give us peace with each other and in our workplace.

With you, no problem is too big.

Give us faith to know everything will be fine. 

Conclusion — Prayers for Family, Hope, and Encouragement

Faith can move mountains, and with the unpredictability of each new day, staying assured is essential. Knowing what points to cover during your family prayers can help ensure everyone feels positive and confident about what’s to come. In this list of the best prayers for families, we did our best to cover the things you come across that require a little more hope and encouragement.

Prayers for the family, as well as hope for the safety of your children, spouses, and siblings can always help turn things around. Regardless of the circumstances, or what you’re going through, with faith, you are assured to stay positive and see miracles happen.

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Terence Chatmon

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