I never thought the day would come when ethics and morals would no longer matter. The basis of both relies on the eternal truths provided by the Creator. Being raised in a family, where the distinction between right and wrong was taught from the earliest age; what was right for the parents was also right for the youngest child. Simply, what is true is also right and it was that knowledge that guided our decision-making process.  It was taught to us in the well-known lesson every child learns; “Never lie to anyone. If you lie to someone once, you will lie to them again, making trust impossible.”  We each learned that telling the truth can be painful and emotionally shameful but the lesson must be taught.  Hurt feelings heal, especially once they understand the importance of truth and trust. I assumed all families, at least of my generation and before, raised their children on these same truths.

With age, I learned that there are big differences between man-made laws and the laws of nature.  The biggest being that all man-made laws could be changed while the eternal laws never change. Natural laws were, is, and will always be true; what was true for the parent is true for the child.

Since the very first human settlement of human existence, it was the ethical and moral behaviors of those founding citizens that set the guidelines of what was right and wrong for the new community. As time progressed, new people were put into authority, bringing with them altered views and behaviors.  These new “leaders” wrote their own laws and with each new law, the settlement’s core values, moved further and further away from the natural laws. The historical consequence of this process reveals that most behavior, which is legal under a government law can be unethical or immoral under natural law and, if allow to take precedence, eventually, no one will remember the original law, why it was so important, or what is the real truth.  

Today, like never before, more and more societies are turning away from the truth and turning to man-made laws boasted by irrational beliefs. Their flawed reasoning is as numerous as their defective regulations. Whatever the motive, they are transforming societies’ acceptance of lies that leads toward an increase in unethical and immoral behaviors.  By creating their own truth, they control what is right or wrong; keeping their conscience clean.  Remember, “the truth is always right.”, but when the lies are perceived as truth, nothing is ever wrong and the liars start blaming everyone else for not following their beliefs.

How dare anyone question their morals and hurt their feelings; their actions are based on “their truth”?  On the day that truth ceases to exist, everything will be permissible. Sadly, we are almost to that point; evidenced by the lack of trust in the world today. We have to stop this insanity before the children grow up believing only lies.            

If this is my last post, I want all to know there was only one purpose for all that I have written; to have made a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Anthony “Tony” Boquet, the author of “The Bloodline of Wisdom, The Awakening of a Modern Solutionary”

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