Getting the Christmas and other holiday decor out of storage is always an exciting way to mark the beginning of the season. But what happens when your family gathers around the boxes of lights and ornaments, and there’s a family of roaches staring right back at you? Time for a whole new set of decorations, that’s what. 

If you don’t want to share your stuff with unwanted pests, here are some of our top tips on how to keep bugs out of storage boxes.

Don’t Trust Cardboard

Cardboard boxes are a simple and inexpensive way to move into a new home, but once you’ve settled, it’s time to toss them. Or maybe not toss, but any unopened boxes that have fallen into the “I’ll get to that eventually” category should be transferred into a more long-term solution. 

Feel free to fold up the cardboard boxes to share with a friend in need or save for the next move, but don’t trust them to take care of your stuff. 

When cardboard gets wet, even from moisture in the air, it can warp and tear. Even the tiniest crack provides a doorway for bugs. Even in the driest conditions, rodents can still easily chew through a cardboard box. “Not a creature was stirring…” because it was taking a nap on your fancy Christmas napkins! 

In the meantime, one tip for how to keep pests out of cardboard boxes is to use bug spray or other verified pest repellents to keep them from getting too close. 

Plastic, aka the Best Storage Containers to Keep Bugs Out

Plastic storage boxes are the best storage containers to keep bugs out. They provide the best protection because pests won’t be able to chew through or rip them open. Plus, they’re easily stackable and much better at protecting your stored items from damage!

Plastic boxes can sometimes crack in the hustle and bustle of the holiday unpacking or other year-round rearranging. We recommend doing a periodic check of your storage boxes to ensure they stay a six-sided fortress. 

Keep Your Space Clean and Dry

Clutter and excess moisture are not usually how people choose to decorate their home, but bugs love it. Attics, garages, and storage sheds are prone to these factors. While sometimes your attic can feel like the “exploding closet” TV trope, a little sweeping and dusting can actually drive away unwanted visitors. 

If you’re looking to minimize moisture, you can either improve insulation, improve ventilation, or purchase a dehumidifier.

Bonus Storage Tips: Make it Nice AND Neat

Storing winter clothes, holiday decorations, childhood memorabilia, and other important items doesn’t have to be boring. You can make your space insect-repellent while still making it look nice. 

Simple ideas like sticker labels can keep you from having to open multiple boxes to find what you’re looking for, making less of a mess and less work.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Storage Boxes AND the Rest of Your Home

Pests don’t just love the damp, dark corners of a cardboard box. They’ll find open food containers, potted plants, desk drawers, bed covers, and anywhere else you’d hate to see them. 

We don’t want you to have a pesty holiday. If you think you may have a pest problem or want an expert to check for early signs of an infestation before the family gets into town, give us a call today at 866.WAYNES1. We can have one of our Service Professionals out to assess and fix the problem before you can sing the “12 Days of Christmas!”

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