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Water is a miracle.  Whether it’s right out of the tap or from the bottom of a well in Guatemala, water’s chemical make-up and how it functions really makes no sense.  I am no scientist, but I have been reading Eric Metaxas’ “Is Atheism Dead?” and Mr. Metaxas is brilliant so just by reading his books I feel just a little smarter so bear with me here.

We all learned early on that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, (have to say “Fahrenheit” for you “Celsius” folk), and it boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and…it shouldn’t.  Based on the size of the molecules that make up water, chemists say that water should boil at 32 degrees, and it should not freeze until -148 degrees!

Who cares? We all should but like most things we all just accept these “facts” and life goes on.  This information has no bearing on our next big decision or even the little ones but if you will slow down and think, it might.

We are mostly water.  The Earth is mostly water.  Without it we die and the Earth along with it and if water worked like it was expected to work chemically it would all just float away, literally.  Boiling water turns into a gaseous state and that gas floats away until it freezes, falls, ultimately returning to its “natural state” of a liquid as…rain.  If water boiled at 32 degrees, away it would go, never freezing until it floated out of Earth’s atmosphere and once it escaped the atmosphere it would be gone, really gone. 

No water.  No ice in our glasses.  No coffee. No agriculture.  It’s a long list including no humans.

God defied man’s “laws of science” to ensure we could have water and live.  Our mere existence is truly a miracle. Your participation is no accident and it certainly isn’t a mistake.

When its decision time, think about water. If the idea is big consider the One who is bigger.  If the challenge formidable, consider the One who formed us.                                

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”. 

I agree.  We are mostly water, it’s all “miracle” and we are full of it.      

Kevin Anderson – General Manager-Salem Nashville, Salem Surround Digital, 94 FM The Fish/Today’s Christian Music Network,

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