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Neighbors come to us in search of hope. That hope may be found in a hot meal, safe shelter, or educational support for their children. Our goal at The Salvation Army, in addition to helping fill those needs, is to offer them physical, emotional, and spiritual care that can continue to grow and sustain their encouraged hope. 

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” Just as having faith in Christ helps give us strength, we must also ensure that every person who seeks our assistance leaves stronger than when they came to us. 

 The Salvation Army in Nashville, TN

Chris came to The Salvation Army because of his depression. “I have suffered from depression all my life and I am 49 years old”, Chris says. In the past, he’d always been able to pull himself together enough to keep his home, but this time he wasn’t able to overcome it, and ended up living in a tent. 

“Every minute of every day is stressful, you don’t know where you are going to get food, and where you are going to stay, and you are worried about the belongings you do have may get stolen”, Chris says about his time experiencing homelessness. 

That’s when he was welcomed into the supportive housing program and it allowed him to have the mental rest he needed. During his time in the program, Chris has been able to find permanent employment and moved into his own apartment at the beginning of the summer. 

Chris says, “Without the Salvation Army, Nashville would be desolate, vacant, without hope. The Salvation Army provides hope, and I think that is the greatest of all.”

We are so blessed to have generous friends like you join us in serving our neighbors. Your investment allows us to share our life changing programs and services with our neighbors to meet basic human needs and resource hope. Thank you for your partnership and as we join together in courageous compassion throughout middle Tennessee.

Misty Ratcliff, Development & Communications Manager – The Salvation Army Nashville


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