The holidays are some of the most amazing times of the year. There is nothing like spending time with family, taking time off work, and food. Oh, the food! While the holidays can be a great time for growing closer to the lord, many people tend to check out and walking the flesh more than ever. 

Often this happens because we lose focus when we are comfortable. We lean on our own understanding. We push everything back till the new year. Which isn’t always bad. There are seasons to rest and seasons to harvest. 

One of the biggest areas people lose focus in is their health. People diet and try to gain ground ALL year and then when the holidays come they just let go of any progress they have seen. We tell ourselves that once the new year comes we will “get back on the wagon”. And we repeat this cycle year after year, getting a little worse off each time. By the time we get older this backward progress catches up with us and we have serious health issues that could have been prevented. 

So many people aren’t able to fully step into the calling God has for them because they don’t steward their bodies in the way that God made them. But I am here to tell you that God wants to bring revival to your health. He wants to end those cycles of guilt, shame, and regret. He wants to help us partner with the way he made our body so we can walk in the calling He has for us. 

Your next opportunity to gain ground is this: Don’t wait till the new year to make changes. There will be no perfect time to see freedom in your health. Start making small changes in your health NOW to gain momentum going into the new year. Even through the feasting of the holidays, God wants to give you the grace to gain ground and end those harmful cycles. 

Your transformation can start now. And just think, if you can make simple changes during the holidays when things are hard, just think how easy the rest of the year will be! End those cycles you have walked in by taking small consistent steps toward the Person God has called you to be in your health. And get help if you need it. We can’t do this alone! 

Ashton Tate is the founder of Glory to Glory Fitness. He partners with biblically-based companies and leaders to align their health with the vision God has given them.

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