Spring Is A Great Time To Clean – Extending The Life Of Bbq Grills, Dryers, Mattresses and more.

Jack Rabbit Clean Choices (JRCC) is a local service cleaning items many  do not want to clean, visit www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com for detail.

It Is Spring Let’s Clean That Dryer Vent

(alert photo or bubble – fires start in the dryer vent)

Go to www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com and click on U-Tube links and see what news stations reported about fires starting in the dryer vent – channel 41 has a complete scary report.  We clean out COMBUSTIBLES like lint, pet hair, nests, dead rodents/birds, food, delicates, and more.

It Is Spring Let’s Clean That Bbq Grill

The Bar-B-Clean Process is the very best non-toxic process available.  This process is detailed at www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville.  Extend the life of the grill and serve amazing food safely for family and guest.

It Is Spring Let’s Clean Those Mattresses

Has family awakened with itchy skin, irritated eyes, stuffed-up nose, sneezes, wheezing, reoccurring sinus ache, all for no particular reason?

(insert from www.hygienitech.com or other source a photo of the scary dust mites like the November article and the Hygienitech logo as well)

Millions of us suffer from Allergys.  The culprit may be millions of Dust Mites in mattresses feeding on our Skin Flakes.  Microscopic dust mites medically proven to trigger allergic reactions, including Asthma, Bronchitis, Breathing, Skin problems, and more.  Doesn’t matter how new a mattress is, how often sheets are changed, whether there is some type of ineffective mattress cover, or even if the mattress is vacuumed once in a while. Even so-called hypoallergenic mattresses are not immune.  It takes a clinically developed, scientific process to remove contaminants found on and living and breeding below the surface.  It takes the Hygienitech non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing green process (developed over decades).  The dry system (wet processes may leave dead mites etc. in the mattress, they need to be extracted…dry particles extract better than wet) is affordable and combines high frequency pulsating waves, incredible suction and a high intensity UV-C Germicidal light to pulverize and extract the dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and contaminants in all mattresses.

Visit www.Jackrabbitcleanchoices.com and view the Anderson Cooper video on bad bed fellows and mattress cleaning.  All of our mattresses can be habitats (beyond the mites) for kids, pets, coffee, soda, food – reasons for a good cleaning.  Ask about multi mattress discount pricing.  Marc is the certified middle Tennessee Hygienitech service provider

Ask about bundled pricing for other things around the home/yard that may need specialty cleaning attention….it is always less expensive to have a one stop professional providing services in one trip.


Marc is owner operator of www.jackrabbitcleanchoices.com which includes www.bar-b-clean.com/nashville, JRCC Dryer Vent Cleaning, Hygienitech Green Mattress Cleaning/Sanitization for middle TN., and other special Yard/Home Services.  Marc is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and brings a wealth of customer care experience form his time with Bridgestone, Schakolad Chocolate Factory, Greener Solutions Lawn and Yard, and more.  Marc is constantly energized by his amazing wife Elise, son Cole, and a large Church and Life Group Family. 

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