Do you struggle with negatively comparing yourself to others in your health resulting in feeling less-than and discouraged? My wife said something profound the other day that will really help with this. It completely destroys the temptation to compare ourselves to others in a negative way. 

Simply put its is this:

“If everyone on the earth ate the exact same thing and worked out the exact same way we would still all look different…”

 Think about that for a second. See, the comparison game is a slippery slope. In our culture, we have all of these unrealistic expectations put on us by the health industry and Hollywood. It has caused us to compare ourselves to a standard that is unattainable and not sustainable. (And most of the time not really healthy long term) We can let others inspire us and spur us to change, but what health looks like for us looks a bit different than it does for others. But we all have different genetics, body types, and predisposes. We are all in different seasons and have different callings.

Optimal health doesn’t look the same for each of us. Of course, there are foundational principles, ways of thinking, and scientific data that we may all follow. But in the end, it’s about comparing yourself to that best version of yourself, not to others that may be a little further along than you. 

A couple of simple steps for you:

1. Get a clear vision- Who are YOU called to be in the future, and what does your health need to look like to help you get there?

Once you have clarity on that everything else will fall into place. Maybe you are called to business long-term, maybe you’re called to be an amazing mom, or maybe you don’t quite know yet. Wherever you are at, getting clarity around where you want to be in the future gives you clarity on the steps you must take now. 

2. Structure your health specifically to help you achieve that vision. 

Instead of just:

-Eating random healthy foods

-Doing random workouts

-Drinking 5 gallons of water a day

-Watching movies and wondering why you don’t look like Chris Hemsworth or Scarlett Johansson.

-Not knowing why we are even doing any of these things

Try structuring every single thing you do in your health specifically and intentionally to help you become that person in the future you want to be. Then there won’t be any confusion. There won’t be any empty meals or workouts. There won’t be any guilt or shame when you see someone who may look better than you. 

You can leave a legacy of health that is specific to you! 

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