I am so thankful God brought me to Middle Tennessee with my late wife in 1992.  As we all know, life can take you through some tumultuous times and some grand times, yet in it all, God is God and we are not.  We must look to Him for our guidance in all that we do.  Since the early nineties, I have run a large television facility, been all over the country doing shows and events, driven for rideshare companies, lost a wife, married, then ended up single again, lost a father, been through a flood, and so on.  Life is never boring, but I choose to look to see what is on the other side of the storm and keep my eyes forward. 

Now, I am getting married to a wonderful woman who actually edited my book on pre-marriage, and she stayed with me, so that says a lot. Here is the book information: https://webapp.mobileappco.org/m/marriagebook/

I am signed to produce a faith-based movie about a teen finding herself in her music after some early trauma in her life.  It is a testament to how God works out all things for good for those who trust in Him.  We must trust Him with our families, our finances, our jobs, our ministry, everything in life we need to bring to His alter and ask His guidance for.  One thing we must keep in perspective, in everything we do, we need to do in honor of Him and we must love Him with all our hearts, mind and soul and be other minded in our walk, being a light and hope for others. 

With that said, we need to be aware of our surroundings and make good choices.  I made a great choice when a minister friend called me about how I could make my family safer from the dreaded Sars Co-V-2 virus with a NASA based purifier.  I have known people who have died but know more that have had Covid and gotten better.  My friend called because he knew my father was an administrator in NASA for years, in fact, if it is in space right now, my father probably touched it in some way. He knew I would understand the research behind this Air Purifier. 

The Active Pro Technology, Surface Pro Air Purifier is derived from NASA and is FDA compliant tested to destroy the Sars Co-V-2 virus along with other pathogens and bacteria including mold.  I have taken the unit to bible studies, put it in restaurants, medical offices, churches, anywhere where people are confined in a closed air space, the Surface Pro will destroy the virus on surfaces and in the air.

Why not destroy the virus BEFORE in gets in your families or customers lungs? Multiple units and non-profits will receive a discount. Keep your friends, families, children, associates, church members safe.  Look into the 24/7, 365 protection of the Active Pure Surface Air Pro and a mobile unit you can take with you.

Michael Carnes attended Oral Roberts University and was called to the faith media industry while there. He has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  He has been on mission fields in Africa and Iraq. Michael’s mission is to encourage and teach others in their faith personally or through mass media, pointing people to Jesus and the hope and salvation He offers all of us. 

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