Is making decisions out of guilt what is keeping you in a cycle of gaining and losing weight? So often when we feel bad about the decisions we have made in our health (or lack thereof) is when we want to make extreme decisions we think will counteract that guilt. But choosing an extreme change from a place of guilt drives us further away from real freedom in our health.

Making decisions…After we have had a weekend of eating horribly. After we step on a scale and don’t like the number. After we look in the mirror and hate the way we look. After trying on pants that don’t fit anymore. And notice all of these are about exterior things. (It’s usually those surface things that cause guilt). 

It’s ok for these things to spur change. It’s ok for you to be fed up with yourself and want your health to be in alignment with the leader you are. But creating a “plan” when we aren’t in a good place never works.  Our judgment is clouded. 

Use those things as motivation to get up and do something about it, but wait until you are in a clear headspace to start making those tangible changes for the right reasons. Instead of going online at 9:00 at night trying to find the quickest way to escape the guilt and lose weight… Try thinking about the deeper reasons why you want to be healthy. Try thinking about what your health needs to look like for you to be the leader, business owner, father, mother, spouse that you want to be in the future. 

Then get help. Get an outside perspective that isn’t swayed by your feelings and emotions to help you create a BALANCED plan that will last and get you to where you need to be. Get someone who knows what it is like to feel the way you feel, but has overcome and can help you overcome too. There is hope for you in health! 

Ashton Tate, CEO, Glory To Glory Fitness –

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