Have you ever thought of someone you love and fully intended to call them “tomorrow” or write them “soon” or schedule a trip to go see them “someday?” Have you ever received a call that someone you love suddenly passed away, without notice, no illness, no warning? What was the first thing you thought of as you hung up the call? I have had that happen twice in the last six months and in both cases my first thought was complete regret – regret for the hundreds of times I had thought, “I need to call _____ and just say hello.” I thought about the many times I started to pick up and the phone or send an email or a handwritten note yet something more “urgent” took my attention away.

Now, two people I dearly loved and who meant the world to me, are in their Eternal Homes and I will not ever have that chance again. Each of these people are part of my “extended family” – one on my mom’s side and one on my husband’s side. They were each the kind of people who made the whole family laugh. When they walked in my heart jumped up because I knew everything was going to be that much more enjoyable because of the unique laughter and silliness they brought to our family. As I write this, I realize how much they were alike – humorous, sarcastic, outspoken and incredibly insightful! We knew what they believed in and what mattered to them. Each of them loved God and they spoke of Him in real time. Each of them loved their family and were so incredibly proud of their kids. They were hard working men who got up early and showed up for decades as reliable, consistent employees and co-workers. They made a difference in their jobs. They took time to talk to people they met along the journey – even strangers found a friend in these two men. Each of them LOVED football – one the Fighting Irish and the other the Vikings. They each impacted my life is such a powerful way and I would do anything to re-wind the clock of time and have made the calls, written the letters, sent the texts more often and simply reminded them of the unique and wonderful role they played in my life. 

May we all leverage love. Make the calls. Send the handwritten notes. Schedule the trips. Invest the time and money to be together and never assume there will be another summer or another time to call.

Tammy Daughtry, MMFT is the Founder of CoParenting International and is raising a blended family in Nashville. www.CoParentingInternational.com  

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