One might be hard-pressed to find a “win” these days.  We have a vaccine but it’s not 100% effective so keep doing “all the things”.  Better, but not “a win”.  

Some would say that a pretty big election was won while others would say that same election was a loss.    

My basketball team was put out of the tournament in round one.  That was definitely not a win. 

A three-year ministry marked by radical conversions, healings and even resurrections ends abruptly with a public execution.  Its followers are scattered and in hiding.  

This doesn’t feel much like “a win”.   

Those of us who know Christ know differently.  We celebrate it this time every year.  It’s kind of a big deal, the biggest “win” ever.                      

Then we forget about it around the time we wake up the following Monday and go right back to our defeated mindset. 

Ask me how I know this.

Recently I was given a book by Corey Trimble the Pastor of the Experience Church in Murfreesboro, written by David Young, another Murfreesboro Pastor, (North Boulevard Church), called “King Jesus”.  (Corey also has a killer book Called “An Authentic Experience-Creating An Inviting Culture with Biblical Integrity”.) Then I heard a sermon from my Pastor, Brady Cooper also a Murfreesboro pastor, (New Vision), and the dots were connected for me.

Jesus is King.  A ruling Kings doesn’t surrender his life.  It isn’t taken.  He gives it.  It is His choice because it is part of a much bigger plan….to win.  Definitively, Finally, Eternally. 

This past week I was reminded of this as I spoke to someone who spends a lot of time in Washington DC.  I asked him how it really was up there.  He spoke candidly and hopefully. He said “I know it’s going to be okay because I know we win in the end.”

He wasn’t referring to a political fight or the victory of any political party.

He was referring to that King.  My King.  King of the Universe.  Whether we officially recognize His Kingship does not impact His legitimacy but understating that Jesus is King will impact us every day we allow it.  

That is your homework. Remind yourself daily that Jesus is King.  He is running things.    

Doing this will go a long way in teaching us to “expect a win”…because we won.    Kevin Anderson-General Manager 94 FM The Fish                                             

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