A monthly column on diet, exercise and my weight loss journey.

Weight loss.  A topic with no shortage of news, opinions, and advice.  Here are a few reports I thought you would find interesting…

Seven Weight Loss Tips

According to Health Magazine, if you do follow these tips you’ll shed a few pounds.

   1. Eat portions the size of your fist.
   2. Split your entree when dining out.
   3. Serve meals on salad plates.
   4. Store food in small bags.
   5. Add fruit and vegetables to meals.
   6. Ask for the smallest size.
   7. Say no to super-sized bargains

Walk to curb sugar cravings

Walking for 15 minutes may help overweight people at least temporarily reduce cravings for high-calorie, sugary snacks. The German study (Ruhr University Bochum) said exercise may provide some cognitive stimulation that interferes with thoughts about the craved food.

Exercise excuses

We need to be exercising more, this we know. And according to a new survey the top reason we give for not working out is that we’re too tired. Just over 60% give tiredness as the reason we don’t exercise. The survey also uncovered some offbeat excuses for not exercising. Clients of personal trainers have told them they had to cancel because: their cat was on fire, their pancreas hurts, they exercised in their dreams, and, their body is allergic to sweat.  (I love the last two excuses, especially exercising in my dreams, because I always seem to be running from something)

It’s a journey – diet and exercise – weight gain and loss.  My journey started in 2011 with Dr Lodge and the team at Cool Springs MD.  They helped me lose 65 pounds in 16 weeks.  Do you need help on your journey?  Connect with Dr Lodge and Cool Springs MD, you won’t regret it.

Dr Lodge and his team of personal trainers, dieticians and medical professionals are ready to help you with their stated goal for everyone to be “Happy, Healthy and Whole”

What has helped you lose weight?  Any tips you would like to share?  I welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas and look forward to sharing them in a future article.  You can email me at [email protected] or feel free to call me during my live radio show – weekdays between 3 pm – 7 pm on 94 FM The Fish. (800) 826-3637

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